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Welcome to Grin Pediatric Dentistry, the dental office of Dr. Patrick Ryan, located in Plano, Texas. At Grin, we strive to create a positive and rewarding dental experience for all of our patients. Our team is committed to providing the best possible care to our patients in a welcoming, fun, and safe environment. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to provide dental care to your child. Please check out our website & feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

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  • Dr. Patrick J. Ryan

    read more…Dr. Patrick J. RyanDr. Patrick Ryan is a native Texan and attended undergraduate school at Texas A&M University. He had interest in the dental field throughout college, but decided to take a year off after college and worked as a dental assistant. The office was a pediatric dental office and he loved working with the children. This started him down the path of becoming a pediatric dentist. Dr. Ryan attended Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas, Texas, for his 4 years of dental training. He also completed 2 years of pediatric dental training at Baylor where he was a Chief Resident at Children’s Hospital and Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. Dr. Ryan started practicing at Grin in Plano, Texas, in 1998.

    Dr. Patrick Ryan is a board certified pediatric dentist by the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. He is currently an active member of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, the American Dental Association, the Southwest Society of Pediatric Dentistry, the Dallas County Dental Society, and the Greater Dallas Pediatric Dental Society.

    Dr. Ryan and wife, Kristin, have 4 wonderful children: Whitney, Hannah, Grant, and Will. When not working he spends most of his time with his family, playing and coaching sports, and traveling. He also enjoys reading.

  • Whitney Clinical Manager

    read more…WhitneyHi, I’m Whitney! I’m a dental assistant at Grin Pediatric. I joined the Grin team in March 2011, and I have loved every moment of it. I am so lucky to be a part of such an awesome team. It is great getting to work with children everyday, our patients are the best! In my free time I love to hang out with my family and friends, go to the movies, and be outside enjoying the sunshine.×

  • Carla Financial Coordinator

    read more…CarlaHi, my name is Carla, I joined the Grin team February 2017 and couldn’t be happier to join such a magnificent team. I have 9 years of dental experience and continue to acquire new skills every day. My main responsibilities include billing, insurance claims, and appeals. On my free time, I enjoy spending time with my husband and two beautiful children along with family and friend.×

  • Eduardo Front Desk Coordinator

    read more…EduardoHi! My name is Eduardo and I am new to the Grin team. I have been welcomed in a such a positive way and the team helps make my workdays so fun and encouraging. I hope to learn and absorb as much as possible from such talented people, who will guide me in my hopes of becoming a healthcare administrator. When I’m not at work you can catch me painting or drawing and hanging out with my two boxers, Nala and Leon.×

  • Bella Scheduling Coordinator

    read more…BellaHi! My name is Bella, I recently moved to Texas from California. I have been in the dental field for 7 years. I love working with the children at the office! I’ve been very lucky to be able to work with an amazing team and patients! On my spare time I love going to the movies and spend time with my family. ×

  • Lauren Dental Hygienist

    read more…LaurenHi my name is Lauren Loeb and I have been at Grin since October 2016. I am a licensed dental hygienist, grew up her in Texas. Attended Hawaii Pacific University, where I graduated with my Bachelor’s of Business Management. I moved to the Dallas area in 2011, then completed the Dental Hygiene Program at the TCCC, earning my Associate of Science degree. On my free time I enjoy traveling, running, yoga, and spending time outdoors with friends and family. I love working with kids, educating them on proper oral hygiene and making dirty teeth clean!×

  • Taylor Dental Hygienist

    read more…TaylorHi, my name is Taylor and I am a licensed dental hygienist at Grin. Graduated from Texas A&M Health Science Center with a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene. I enjoy laughing and joking around, in fact, my classmates voted me as Best Personality and Class Clown! I like staying involved in my profession and am a board member of the North Texas Dental Hygienists’ Association. On my free time, I enjoy watching live Texas Country music, hunting, and fishing with family/friends, and spending time with my two dogs: Diesel & Dixie. I am very happy to be part of the Grin Team because everyone shares a true passion for working with children.×

  • Julissa Dental Assistant

    read more…JulissaHello, my name is Julissa, and have worked in the dentistry field for 10yrs. I am happily married with 3 children. Love spending my free time outdoors with my kids, shopping and watching Netflix. Working at Grin is such a privilege and pleasure. I enjoy getting to watch our kids grow into healthy happy and successful adolescents, knowing they will remember having a great experience at the dentist!×

  • Diana Dental Assistant

    read more…DianaHello, my name is Diana and I am a Dental Assistant at Grin Pediatric Dentistry. I love educating children about good oral hygiene and good dental habits. I live in Dallas Texas with my fiancé and our 2 children. In my free time I enjoy reading, writing, doing yoga and listening to music!×

  • Ruby Dental Assistant

    read more…RubyHi! My name is Ruby, I came to Grin looking for a team friendly environment and patient interaction, and that is exactly what I found! I’m so grateful to be apart of Dr. Ryan’s amazing team and seeing the kids smiling faces everyday is the highlight of my career! I have a loving kitty name Simba, and husky name Hermes at home! My hobbies include going to the movies, shopping, going out to dinner, but my favorite thing is singing karaoke! ×

  • Vicky Office Manager

    read more…VickyComing soon×

Services Provided layers

+ Dental Cleanings and Check-ups.

At Grin Pediatric Dentistry, our team specializes in providing excellent oral healthcare to children. By fostering a child-friendly environment that is both welcoming and serene, Dr. Ryan and our staff strive to help children develop a healthy, worry-free relationship with our dentist. Even though permanent teeth ultimately replace deciduous (baby) teeth, regular check-ups and cleanings are very important to maintaining healthy mouths among our patients.

Like adults, children are susceptible to developing oral health conditions such as dental caries (decay) and gum disease. These conditions require professional treatment to prevent further dental complications and restore a child’s oral health.

Children should receive two check-ups and cleanings per year. During dental check-ups, our pediatric dentist, Dr. Ryan, will provide a thorough examination along with taking X-rays to monitor your child’s oral health. Dental examinations take less than an hour to conduct and with diagnostic technology, our team can reveal the development of decay in its earliest stages, infection and irritation of the gums, and the placement of teeth in the jawbone.

Professional cleanings are essential to preventing oral disease, too. During cleanings, our dental hygienists use precise dental tools and a gentle touch to remove tartar accumulation and polish teeth. When plaque buildup hardens into tartar deposits, it inflames the gums and coats teeth—especially in hard to reach places. Tartar cannot be cleaned away by brushing or flossing alone and as this substance accumulates, it builds up along the gum line, which is a major contributor to gum disease. Dental cleanings are also an opportune time for our team to provide oral health education. Using visual aids and easy-to-understand concepts, your child can develop an understanding of the importance of proper oral hygiene and visiting the dentist.

We welcome you and your family to Grin Pediatric Dentistry for all your children’s oral health needs. To reserve an appointment with Dr. Ryan, contact our office today.

+ Fillings.

Aside from the common cold, the Center for Disease Control lists tooth decay as the most common infectious disease. Dental caries are considered an infectious disease because the cavity-causing bacterium that eats through tooth structures is passed orally from person to person—normally from a mother to child during infancy. Tooth decay is so common that roughly 99% of people will develop at least one cavity in their lifetime.

Tooth decay among children can affect their social and educational development, especially when decay goes untreated. This is because extensive decay causes toothaches and headaches. Discomfort related to decay affects children’s ability to chew and speak properly and distracts children from learning. For these reasons, the prevention and treatment of tooth decay is especially important to our team. At Grin Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Ryan and our staff work diligently to detect decay as early as possible and restore tooth function with fillings.

The development of cavities occurs when strong acids weaken tooth enamel, which is a protective structure around teeth. When bacteria feed on sugar compounds in the mouth, they release acids as a byproduct. Once tooth enamel is compromised by damage or erosion, bacteria can attack the unprotected areas of a tooth.

For small areas of decay, the placement of a filling is the best option for treating this oral health condition. A filling is a small restoration that is placed over the decayed area of a tooth. After the decay is gently removed and cleaned away, Dr. Ryan will permanently bond a filling to the tooth to stop the advancement of decay, restore the tooth to its proper size, and alleviate discomfort associated with the cavity. After fillings are placed, they allow your child to resume biting and chewing food as normal because the tooth’s function is restored. This restoration also prevents further damage because the materials used to make fillings are resistant to cavity-causing bacteria and strong acids.

We provide a nurturing and welcoming environment for our patients. To schedule an appointment for your child, call our team today.

+ Dental Care for Your Baby.

It is never too early to begin establishing healthy dental habits. At Grin Pediatric Dentistry, we begin seeing patients by their first birthdays. When it comes to caring for a baby’s teeth and gums, parents and caregivers should gently clean a baby’s gums with a damp, clean washcloth after feedings. This helps remove particles of food and stimulates gum tissue. When your child’s first tooth begins to emerge, you should begin brushing with a small, soft-bristled toothbrush designed for babies. At this stage, brushing with slightly warm water is best. As more teeth begin to erupt the gum line, you can start incorporating a small amount of toothpaste into your child’s oral hygiene regimen.

Because harmful oral bacteria uses sugar as a food source, it is best to avoid putting your child to bed with a bottle without cleaning his or her mouth afterwards. Parents should also avoid giving their children sugary drinks such as sweetened juices and carbonated sodas along with candy. By limiting sugar intake at a young age, you can help minimize the likelihood of your child developing cavities while also establishing healthy dental habits.
Around your child’s first birthday, we encourage you to schedule an examination with Dr. Ryan. At your baby’s first dental appointment, our team will gently examine your child’s mouth to detect any developmental or congenital abnormalities and assess your baby’s oral health. During your baby’s first check-up, Dr. Ryan and our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your child’s oral health and dental development. We will gladly provide recommendations for oral hygiene products as well.

Our team welcomes you and your family to our practice. To learn more about caring for your baby’s teeth and gums or to reserve an appointment for your child’s first check-up, call Grin Pediatric Dentistry today.

+ Thumb-sucking.

Many babies and toddlers suck their thumbs as a means to provide relaxation and comfort. Sucking one’s thumb is a natural and healthy reflex for infants. This is likely the reason babies and toddlers take to thumb-sucking when going to sleep. Thumb-sucking is only cause for concern when your child’s teeth begin to emerge through the gum line or if your child places too much pressure on gums or teeth. Most children, however, stop sucking their thumbs before they reach four-years old. This is because as your child grows, this habit no longer serves its purpose and your child loses his or her motivation to seek thumb-sucking as a means of comfort.

When thumb-sucking continues beyond a normal age, especially when the permanent teeth begin to replace deciduous teeth, you will need to help your child break his or her habit. Your first step is monitoring when and how your child engages in thumb-sucking. For example, if your son or daughter is resorting to sucking his or her thumb during times of stress or anxiety, teaching your child new methods to achieve a calm demeanor such as deep breathing or counting aloud can help your child replace a potentially unhealthy habit for a more productive method of achieving relaxation and comfort.

Continued thumb-sucking during the time permanent teeth begin to emerge can cause a misaligned bite (a malocclusion) that may require orthodontic treatment, improper placement of teeth, and damage to oral structures such as the roof of the mouth. These conditions develop when children suck their thumbs or fingers with intensity. A common condition caused by forceful thumb-sucking is the development of “buck teeth”. This is caused by unnecessary pressure on anterior teeth, which forces them away from proper alignment over time.

To learn more about thumb-sucking and its effects on oral health or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ryan, contact our team at Grin Pediatric Dentistry.

+ Pediatric Dental Emergencies.

When accidents happen, Dr. Ryan and our team at Grin Pediatric Dentistry are here to help you and your family during pediatric dental emergencies. We accept patients on short notice in times of an emergency and we work diligently to restore your child’s oral health and comfort. Children commonly need emergency dental services when engaging in physical activities—especially contact sports. Knowing what to do during a dental emergency can help save your child’s teeth and restore his or her level of comfort quickly.

When teeth are knocked out, dislodged, or chipped, contact our office as soon as possible. If your child has lost a tooth or pieces of a tooth, do your best to bring them to your appointment. Avoid placing pieces of damaged teeth in water and instead place them in milk or Save-A-Tooth solution (available at most pharmacies). If a tooth has been dislodged or forced into the gum line, avoid touching the affected area or moving the tooth.

Sometimes children develop a dental emergency when damage to a tooth or extensive decay reaches the root canal. This interior chamber of the tooth holds nerves and pulp and when exposed, it can produce moderate to severe discomfort. If your child is experiencing a painful toothache, schedule an appointment with our team so that we can assess the underlying cause of your child’s pain.

Some dental emergencies can be prevented with regular check-ups to detect decay in its earliest stages and use of a dental mouth guard to protect teeth and gums during physical activity. Because accidents are not always avoidable, rest assured that Dr. Ryan and our experienced team will help you and your child overcome dental traumas with excellent care and a gentle touch.

To schedule an appointment, contact our office today.

+ Restorative Pediatric Dentistry.

At Grin Pediatric Dentistry, we offer a number of restorative procedures that improve the function and appearance of damaged and decayed teeth. Using specialized equipment and a gentle touch, our team strives to keep our patients’ mouths as healthy as possible.

Restorative pediatric dentistry involves placing fillings and crowns along with restoring the interior structures of teeth, if damaged, with endodontic procedures such as root canal therapy. When teeth are injured from dental traumas or when decay is present, restorations provide a stable biting surface for teeth and protect teeth from further destruction.

Fillings are placed over small areas of decay. Made from strong metals such as an amalgam compound or tooth-colored materials such as composite resin, a filling is permanently bonded to a damaged tooth. Before a filling is placed, the decayed area is cleaned away and the tooth is prepared for the bonding process. This is a minimally invasive procedure that normally only requires a mild anesthetic. During the procedure, our team works diligently to ensure patient comfort and relaxation.

Dental crowns are restorations that are used to completely cover a damaged tooth. Crowns may be used to restore the size and shape of teeth affected by extensive decay or to hold damaged or cracked teeth together. Acting as a cap, crowns fit over the entire tooth structure above the gum line. These restorations are custom made for your child in a dental laboratory. Crowns may be made from metal materials such as gold or tooth-colored materials such as porcelain or porcelain fused to metal.

When decay reaches the sensitive interior structures of teeth or if a child’s tooth is damaged by dental trauma, root canal therapy might be necessary to alleviate discomfort and remove infected regions inside the tooth. Root canal treatment involves cleaning away inflamed and infected cellular material, extracting damaged nerve endings, and sealing the inside of the tooth to prevent further discomfort and damage. In some cases, root canal therapy precedes the placement of a crown. Endodontic procedures such as root canals can help save teeth from extraction.

When it comes to restoring children’s teeth, Dr. Ryan takes all measures necessary to ensure patient comfort. To reserve an appointment for your child, contact Grin Pediatric Dentistry today.

+ Mouthguards.

What is a custom mouthguard?mouthguards-plano-tx

It is a high quality mouthguard made by dentists. Custom guards are the most comfortable mouthpieces to wear. The dentist will ensure that the guard has the correct size and fit.

Why use mouthguards?

Accidents can happen during any physical activity. The advantage of using a mouthguard during sports is that it can help limit the risk of mouth injuries to your child’s lips, tongue and soft tissues of his / her mouth. Mouthguards also help avoid chipped or broken teeth, nerve damage to a tooth and tooth loss.

Who needs a mouthguard?

Everyone who plays contact sports, non-contact sports, or activities that may pose a risk of injury to the mouth should use mouthguards. If your child participates in the following sports he / she should get fitted for a custom mouth guard:

  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Ice Hockey
  • Football
  • Baseball / Softball
  • Martial Arts
  • Boxing
  • Lacrosse
  • Wrestling
Get your child fitted for a custom mouthpiece today!

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